Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Recipe: Fried rice noodles Thai Style - Pad Siiu

The Thai name of this mouthwatering noodle dish "Pad Siiu" (speak SI-I-JU) can´t be translated properly into English. "Siiu" means soy sauces,
like Siiu dam - black (darken) soy sauce
or Siiu khao - light soy sauce.
For this delicacy 2 different soy sauces and a soy bean paste are used.
This way we want to thank the cook of the Viang Bua in Chiang Mai for his support.
The noodle dish illustrated here originates from his kitchen
and is a variation of the "classic Pad Siiu" .
A variation because he used different vegetables.
With "classic Pad Siiu" one uses only Kale.

Ingredients for 2 persons:
oil to fry
200 gr. rice fettucine
approx. 200 gr. pork or chicken chest (vegetarians leave the meat simply away)
2-3 stems Kale (as a replacement Broccoli or cauliflower) other vegetable like sugar peas, carrots...
1-2 eggs
1 teaspoon Thai, dark, thick Sojasauce (Healthy Boy Brand, Formula 5)
1 teaspoon light Sojasauce
1 teaspoon soy bean paste
1-2 teaspoon oystersauce
1/2 - 1 teaspoon fishsauce
1 teaspoon sugar
optional:1/2 teaspoon MSG - Monosodiumglutamat - food enhancer
a piece of Lime to garnish and if very hungy also a fried egg.

Put the dried noodles for approx. 10 - 15 minutes (see package) in cold or lukewarm water and drip off the water. Heat up some oil in a Wok. Fry noodles with 1 tablespoon of dark Sojasauce , until the noodles are soft, approx. 3 min. Caution noodles stick easily in the Wok . Push the noodles at the highest place in the wok, add a bit more oil and add the meat and fry well , then the eggs will be add. If the eggs are come to a hold put the noodles above and spice with oystersauce, soy bean paste, light soysauce, fishsauce, sugar and food enhancer . Add kale and other vegetables and fry until done. Serve with a piece of lime .
To spice up one hands in Thailand: Fischsauce, Chiliflakes, sugar and vinegar with inserted chilis. For "Pad Siiu" , one gets essential soy bean paste in well sorted Asiashops. Here a picture of it:


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