Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vegetables: KALE - PAK KANA (Pak Kanaa) - chinese broccoli

PAK KANA (Pak Kanaa, engl.Kale) or "Chinese Brokkoli" is a sheet cabbage plant. Its buds develop no head like the related Brokkoli. In the kitchen one uses the stacks and the sheets specially for the short roast in the Wok. The taste reminds of Broccoli, the stacks are wonderful crunchy. PAK KANA gives dishes like "Fried Rice", "Pad Siiu" (fried ricenoodles),
"Rad Na" (noodles in thickened soup) or
"Kana moo grop" (crispy pig roast with kana) the last whistle.
PAK KANA can be frozen chopped , however it will loose its crunchyness.

In the Intenet there is only few
and often also wrong information about PAK KANA.
A Website, which informs about Vitame and nutrients of PAK KANA:
the world´s healthiest foods

Replaceable (same, same, but different) by broccoli or cauliflower.

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