Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thai wok from steel

The Wok is a mixture from pan and pot and originally from China.
It was invented at times as collecting fire wood was still hard work.
With its semicircular bottom the Wok fitted in the best way to the fire place
and offered so an efficient energy output.
Nowadays there are Woks in many variants.
The Thai Wok illustrated here is made from steel and is not stainless.
This form (semicircular soil) is used with gas burners and gas cookers.
Use: to roast, to fry, to steam(with cover and special inserts)
Cleaning and care : clean with water and detergent,
when persistent contamination with steel wool.
Important: after use rub with food oil (against rust)

How one roasts with a wok, the video shows.
A Thai cook prepares "fried rice with pork" (Khao pad moo):

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mortar and pestle from granite

In the Thai kitchen predominantly fresh herbs and spices are used.
These are converted in a mortar to pastes.
Most well-known are the red and the green Currypaste,
which are a main part of the tasty Thai Curries.

Under the term "Nam Phrik" there are innumerable pastes,
which Thaipeople like to eat just together with rice and vegetables.
A "good" mortar is heavy (better stand) and not too small,
so that the
spices does not jump out.
The mortar, shown here, is made from granite and
approx. 7 Kilos in weight.
It has a height of approx. 13 cm and an inside diameter of approx. 13 cm.

As an alternative You can also use an electrical foodprocessor .
In Thailand one swears on the hard manual work
and people believe the taste is much better.